Are you ready for the next step?

With Connected Cooking we are Connected to the Future!

Make your kitchen faster, more convenient and safer.

Use the full potential of iVarioPro, iCombiPro and other Rational cooking systems with Connected Cooking, our digital kitchen management solution.

Choose between programs, update software and collect HACCP data.

Make everything easier! No matter where your cooking appliances are.

  • Simplify the workflow
  • Save time and money
  • Rest assured that everything is under control
  • Save energy with ConnectedCooking.

Energy prices are rising and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to control our carbon footprint. Now it’s made easier and at the same time it’s a matter of tracking the relevant data and taking action.

Help is available from the new function available exclusively in ConnectedCooking:

The dashboard for the digital presentation of energy consumption. This gives users an overview of the energy requirements of iCombi Pro and its predecessor model iVarioPro and allows them to identify potential savings.

Energy consumption monitoring.

Always monitor your estimated energy consumption for the current month by cooking process, by stean oven or by restaurant. It’s about being connected to the future. Everything is transparent, clear and personalized with the new dashboard in ConnectedCooking.

Control the opening time of the doors.

Analyze how long the charging process takes and whether opening the door unnecessarily causes energy loss. See how much power consumption can be saved by efficient charging.

Preheat and charge times are under control.

See how fast they were loaded iCombi Pro or iVarioPro after the end of the preheating time and how much energy consumption you can save by waiting a shorter time.

Identify consumption peaks and reduce costs.

Identify energy load peaks in your food production and adjust your production accordingly to reduce consumption peaks and electricity costs.

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