About us

Vera 94 Ltd Sofia is now 25 years old – during that time we managed to win many adherents, friends and partners. Subsequently we found that many of them attend us in all the years. Our high professionalism, the fact that we are one of the first in the branch and our philosophy “To offer an optimized and effective solution to the client, this is more than just trade” turn Vera 94 into the most appropriate supplier of professional kitchen equipment in Bulgaria.

Vera 94 starts its activity in 1994 with the production of stainless details and modules for leading German firms – Winterhalter, Seidelmann manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment. In the middle of 1996 we began to participate actively in the Bulgarian market as a producer and complete supplier of professional kitchen equipment. Thanks to our experience in the manufacturing of neutral equipment for Germany we achieved European quality of our services and unique price for the Bulgarian market.

Vera 94 is a specialist in the neutral kitchen equipment production – work tables, washing basins, racks, work cabinets, shelves etc. The thermo appliances we produce – heating and refrigerating cabinets, self serving lines, block tables, show cooking with built in appliances, refrigerating chambers, refrigerating and heating serveovers, bar plots with built in appliances etc. are made form active elements of the leading European manufacturers EGO – Germany, Elekrtolux – Sweden, Danfos – Denmark.

In order to be a complete supplier on the Bulgarian market Vera 94 is a direct importer of combisteamers RATIONAL-Germany; ALPHATECH Italy; dish-washing machines WINTERHALTER-Germany; SILANOS-Italy; ARISTARCO-Italy; heating appliances MARENO-Italy; KOGAST-Serbia; shock chillers IRINOX-Italy; refrigerators LIEBHERR-Germany; DESMON-Italy; ice generators NTF–Italy; CLASSEQ-England; vegetable cutters and mixer blenders ROBOT COUPE-France; meat mincers FAMA-Italy; dough mixers and sausage cutters MEC-Italy; grills; toasters; fryers ROLLER GRILL-France.









The unique ability of Vera 94 for combining the import of active equipment with the own production of neutral equipment allows us to offer to our clients a modern and qualitative solution for their professional kitchens. Moreover we aim to offer always the maximum benefits to our clients. Only with the equipment of Vera 94 you can be sure of the high reliability of your investment with no repercussions on the end price.

Vera 94 provides for all the construction steps of your kitchen – from the complete design, made by a designer-technologist tо the assembly, the warranty servicing and the training. We have a team of product managers, engineers in the assembling and maintenance of the machines we offer, chief cooks, especially trained in Germany. Our regional representatives in Burgas and Varna ensure the auspicious contact with our clients on the territory of the whole country.

Many state institutions like BNB, BNT and private companies like the hotel chins RADISSON SAS – Sweden; IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts – Spain; RIU Hotels & Resorts – Spain; the superstores KAUFLAND – Germany; Phantastico – Bulgaria; the petrol stations OMV – Austria; the catering firms DUSSMANN – Germany; LCS Catering Services – air and corporative catering; the manufacturers of ready foods and salads Kenar and Denito; the restaurant chains Happy bar & grill; BMS; GROUPE CARREFOUR – the biggest European superstores chain – project Carrefour – the biggest shopping center on the Balkans and many others are convinced of our quality philosophy and high professionalism. They have chosen Vera 94 to be their supplier of professional kitchen equipment for all their projects in Bulgaria.