Planning and design

The object of our activity includes technological design, delivery, assembly and service of professional kitchen and bar equipment. Our experienced technologists and designers take actively part in clarifying the client’s concept.

Planning at the idea stage

The first task is TO ANALIZE together with the client his idea and initial concept, they are the basis to organize our tasks, we have to clarify:

  • the kind of the task
  • the number of the seating places or the dishes
  • the kind of food (the menu)
  • the technological flow and the organization of the work
  • the most appropriate equipment

The planning of a functional professional kitchen begins with clarifying the conception about the work process in the restaurant, its market positioning, as well as the possibility for increasing the productivity if the request increases. Our professional advices include clarifying of the right movement of the technological flows: the supply, storage and preparation of the products, the way of sell etc. At the same time the precise allocating of the needed capacities and equipment for each technological operation is of great importance for the right arrangement of the professional kitchen and the budget optimization.


We, the experts of Vera 94 offer to our clients tangible conceptions oriented to their business interests and goals.

We optimize the assigned project by offering the most innovative and productive kitchen appliances, we make the client’s investment justified and quickly recoverable.

The technological projects which the technologist-designers of Vera 94 work out, adapt the idea concept in accordance with the legislative requirements and the hygienic regulations and principles of the HASSAP system.

This is our strength!

Real planning

Professionalism in all planning and implementation phases of the project.

Good ideas become a successful reality, only if it is worked professionally for their achievement.
We put in every new project a practically oriented structure. The aim is:

  • optimum technological potentialities
  • maximum effective staff work
  • optimum use of the kitchen space
  • most comfortable work atmosphere
  • low energy costs
  • excellent ergonomy
  • very easy maintenance

Based on our experience the Vera 94 projects are bind to the kind of the object and the foreseen capacities, that is why they are an optimal and functional solution for every professional kitchen. More than 90% of our projects are like this. Non-standard solutions, architectural details and unique equipment – all these we use in our practice and experience in the complete equipment of different kinds and sizes of dining places.

Our team of technologist-designers and cooks takes part in the introduction of new technologies like Cook&Chill that ensure 24 hours production cycle, maximum preservation of the products quality, reduction of the kitchen staff and radical cut down the expenses for water, energy, fat etc.

The success formula

We follow the formula “Investment optimization and minimization of the risk from inexact assessment” and we can really be proud of 20% lower costs. The idea becomes real – the conceptual situation, that we can realize successfully.

The mutual conception we have worked out is the success base of our clients!