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More about VERA 94

Optimal and effective solutions for each customer

Vera 94 Ltd Sofia is now 18 years old – during that time we managed to win many adherents, friends and partners. Subsequently we found that many of them attend us in all the years. Our high professionalism, the fact that we are one of the first in the branch and our philosophy “To offer an optimized and effective solution to the client, this is more than just trade” turn Vera 94 into the most appropriate supplier of professional kitchen equipment in Bulgaria.

Why Vera 94?

Because we are 24 years of technology leader in the industry.

Why should you choose us?

Because we have more than 1000 satisfied customers.

You have a problem and you need a professional opinion.

Complex solutions for every need.

Do you need professional service?

Choose the best in the country.


Exposition SIHRE 2018

Dear current and future clients, we at Vera 94 Ltd. would like to invite you to visit us at SIHRE…

2 years warranty

Rational offers a two-year guarantee for all combisteamers manufactured after 01.10.2008…


CareControl – Inteligent care for maximum operational reliability…