Frequently asked questions

Before you call customer service check:
Water is dripping out of the combisteamer’s door
The door is not closed correctly

  • If the door is closed correctly, the door handle will point down to the floor.

The door seal is warn or damaged 

  • Replace the door seal (see the manual “Maintenance”).

Care instruction for a maximum service life: 

  • After the end of the cooking process, clean the seal with a dump cloth.
  • If lots of grilled products are cooked, then the door seal must be cleaned with a dump cloth after every cycle.
  • If the unit is to be operated for a long time without products, we recommend that the cooking cabinet temperature should not exceed 180 °C.
Noise is heard in the cooking cabinet while the combisteamer is in use
Air baffles, grid shelves etc. are not fixed correctly

  • Fix the air baffles and the grid shelves correctly
Cooking cabinet light is not working
The halogen lamp is defective

  • Change the lamp (see the manual for help)
Water level is low: flashing water valve symbol
The water valve is closed

  • Open the water valve

The water intake filter on the unit is clogged 

  • Check and clean the filter. Follow the instructions: Close the water valve; remove and clean the water intake filter; mount it again, connect the water intake and check for leaks.
Water is running out from the bottom of the combisteamer
The unit is not leveled

  • Level the unit (see manual for help)

The drain is blocked

  • Remove and clean the drain pipe. This blockages can occur if products with a high proportion of fat are cooked frequently or if the drop of the drain pipe is to shallow.

How to remedy that:

  • Mount the drain pipe as described in the installation instructions.
  • Clean the combisteamer regularly with the CleanJet® program
The combisteamer does not function after it is switched on
The external main switch is switched off

  • Switch on the main switch

The fuse has tripped 

  • Check and replace the fuse

The ambient temperature remained below 5 °C for a long time

  • Heat the cooking cabinet to 20 °C. The appliance shall not be used at low ambient temperature (see the installation instructions).
Foam forms on the outlet pipe during rinsing with the CleanJet program
The amount of the cleaning and rinsing tablets was set to high

  • Always use as many tablets as the combisteamer advices. Reduce the number of tablets if a water softener is connected or if the water is naturally soft (see the manual ‘CleanJet®’)

The outlet pipe is not properly installed

  • Install the outlet as described in the installation manual
During a CleanJet® process the run time is suddenly increased.
The program CleanJet® was interrupted 

  • Make sure that the air baffle of the fan is fixed correctly. There must be no containers in the cooking cabinet during the CleanJet® process.
The combisteamer indicates “Change polarity”
Power supply is not connected with the correct polarity

  • If the unit is connected to a socket, remove the plug and turn it trough 180 °. An electrician can permanently connect the unit without a plug with the correct polarity.
The combisteamer constantly displays “Reset”
The gas supply to the unit is interrupted

  • Open the gas valve

The gas pressure is to low

  • Check the gas supply to the unit
The cooking mode button is flashing
The cooking cabinet is too hot

  • Cool down the combisteamer using the menu “Cooling down the cooking cabinet” (see paragraph “Cool down” of the “General user instructions”)